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Fred's Flower Farm

Local. Seasonal. Conscious

Following years of experience working on a well established flower farm in Marlborough, NZ, Fred has found herself back in her hometown, nurturing a small patch of dirt on Yuin Country, Milton, NSW.


We grow a diverse range of seasonal flowers from seed on a 1/8 acre, following sustainable and environmentally friendly farming practices. Working harmoniously with Mother Nature is always at the forefront of our work, following the fundamentals of the ‘slow flower' movement & biodynamic principles. The focus is thriving healthy soil with minimal tilling of the Earth, cover cropping, organic composting, companion planting and no synthetic/chemical pesticides or fertilisers. Through all this, and with the help from our worms, we increase the biodiversity of our soil, in turn doing our small bit for the planet.  


Our flowers are not mass produced or chemically enhanced but proudly grown with imperfections and personality. 

Fred's Flower Farm, Milton

Verve Flower Farm, Marlborough

Verve Flower Farm, Marlborough, NZ

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